Ipomoni Patience



Protected Designation of Origin Dafnes

Variety: Liatiko 100%

Features: Great patience is required for the vinification of this wine, which starts by leaving the grapes of the most famous red Cretan variety Liatiko to dry under the sun, for as many days as it is necessary according to the weather conditions of the season. Careful vinification and long aging is followed in the bottle. The result is an excellent wine, naturally sweet, with rich aromas of dry fruit and striking texture.

Deep tawny color which implies the age of this wine, but also its style. A very complex and pronounced nose of butterscotch, caramel, molasses, dried dates, almonds, raisins and honey. An aromatic ‘celebration’ which is confirmed in the palate. Complex and exciting, an outstanding naturally sweet wine, that fills our glass after many years of patience ‘ipomoni’ as also its name showcases. Enjoy it chilled.

Harmonious pairing with:

  • Tiramisu and orange syrup cake
  • Cretan ‘anthotiro’ soft cheese with wallnuts
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Analysis: Alcohol: 10,0 % vol Total acidity: 7,20 gr/lt pH: 3,68 Total sulfur: 51 mg/lt