A small family winery
founded in 1999.

The decision

Antonis Kosmadakis and Maria Tylaki, owners of the winery, decided that year to vine the fields of their ancestors, which were already cultivated with vines of the Sultanina variety, for the production of raisins. Utilizing the viticulture knowledge they inherited from their grandparents, but also the valuable help of specialized and experienced scientists, they proceeded to restructure the privately owned vineyard, planting Greek and local grape varieties (Vidiano, Malvazia, Assyrtiko for whites and Kotsifali, Liatiko for reds), but also well-known international ones, such as Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Organic farming

Moved by respect and love for nature, they made the decision to cultivate the new vines with biological means, as they continue to this day, with standards certified by BIO Hellas.


Winemaking unit close to the vineyard

They gradually built and equipped a small area for the vinification, storage and aging of the wines, next to the vineyard, so that the raw material could reach the wine production area immediately and without hassle.

The second generation of winemakers.

Beyond the technical and material background, of course a properly qualified and informed human resource is also necessary.

The three children of the family decided, therefore, to follow the path and tradition of their ancestors, while bringing new knowledge and specialized information to the winery, with the aim of upgrading the production and management of the estate's products.


So Manolis, the eldest son, chose to study Chemistry at the University of Heraklion and is currently finishing his studies, while at the same time making sure to actively participate in the family's winery. He has also worked at times in other wineries, so that he is constantly enriching his knowledge about winemaking and quality control of the final product.

Giorgos, studies at the Agricultural Department in Heraklion and has inherited his grandfathers love for the vine, so you will often find him next to his father planting new vines or tending and pruning the older ones.

Katerina, the youngest member of the family, studies at the Technical University of Crete in the Department of Production and Management Engineering, wanting to be useful in the promotion of the final product as well as in the upgrading of the production process. She also makes sure to enrich her knowledge on wine tasting and currently holds the WSET level 1 certification.

The rewards for our efforts

Although still relatively new in the production and marketing of wine, we have taken part in Greek and International exhibitions and competitions and we are certainly proud of the distinctions awarded to us. However, there is no greater reward for us than being able to continue our work and be rewarded by your preference!